Promo Post saves you money. Here's why:

  • Direct mail remains a highly effective channel for any organisation wanting to gain new customers or do more business with existing customers.
  • It's an uncluttered channel that is highly engaging across all demographics. While the average Australian received just 6.4 addressed mail pieces per week, over 86% of people say they read the mail they receive.

  • "To help you take advantage of these benefits, there is now a reduced rate for sending direct mail. It's called Promo Post"
  • Using the services is simple - you need to send, in any individual lodgement, at least 4000 addressed mail pieces that are 'promotional' in nature. This means the main purpose of the mail piece needs to promote your organisation and or your products and services.
  • There are two classifications of mail - 'transactional' and 'promotional'. The images below may help you determine which type you have:
promo mail
promo mail